Images..Images for the user to detach and escape a little..You can download these for free if you like any of them.

More void outdoors


In Oslo around 1993 - 1996 when it was more detached better atmospherea..


Below more explanation of the definition of the nickname Zir0 and it takes time to change..


Below when I was in my family area and there was a more void night, around 20%.


Below I tried to detach and needed time as I wasnt all detached and about the yoga system I use... To never be in pain and hell..


Image below of when I picked some poison mushrooms that can kill one, risk was belly disease so I dropped it..


Image below of first winter when I chose to suicide in 2018..


Image below of me going to the forrest..


Below me trying to suicide with trilafon and water.


Me recall hell memory and tried to suicide close to hand


In Boe after I started to detach


No cola in 1983-1992


Leaving from the butcher evil neighbour area


They gave evil, I became reactionist and I risk wars.

In Norway USA Greece if a crime is done to you it is not always criminal to react but depends on the scene. If they had not been there I would not have done this. So they did it. Those below were lawed....

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Images of detached nothing scenes

Some images you can download for free about detached nothing states and scenes with some text on them about what was going on in such scenes, from all around the world and all different themes..

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Since 2018 December. Detached state & good things happening.

Remembered coming to Notodden with my detaching yoga and sensed happiness walking in the main street towards Saetregata for first time. Also remember some happy sun energies..

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My childhood and my conquers.

The impurity was my mother and father from 0 - 9,4 years. I was a demigod of weather, relaxing anxiety and I had luck with knowing problems by the black shadow man and father so I escaped..

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