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They gave problems, did crime, give me problems and I am doomed to go to hell jail and suffer there..

Some of my enemies and the prophecy by apostel John..

They gave evil, I became reactionist and I risk wars.

In Norway USA Greece if a crime is done to you it is not always criminal to react but depends on the scene. If they had not been there I would not have done this. So they did it. Those below were lawed by confused powers not easy to control, who had problems within.

It appears that the ones starting the problems to me had mental disorders. Father mania anxiety, one with post traumatic stress, another with compulsive disorder and such. I would believe no hate no love is the best no happy no anxiety as well. Krishna said one is not the doers of ones actions in the Gita. Small crimes can lead to big problems.

Around 16 years old til 2018 December. Dove coming inside my brother with his, yes, the dove was male latest weed him sheep animal was an enemy, Christs love lies and Srila P. love lies. In 2019 August around father pig showing in the food store saying it to me but judging himself and Tore Borte who said in telepathy that I had to become a sheep if not I would be cutted. Then Crete grandfather thought my though I have to decrease money interest that my acts in gambling and pc games were fun, though it is difficult, though it takes time to detach and change, but my PC games and gamblign was to detach from awareness and evil, to kill it to remove it.

Grandmothers grandfathers mother and father gave me diseases and massive hell stench. Some form of panic anxiety, severe though, father said life is hard as some form of emotion pain, mother said sometimes there is anxiety, grandmother died and had heart attacks. Norwegian grandfather was a boatman maybe to intake the relaxed sea and my greek grandmother said sometimes she suffers by severe anxiety. Also, my Crete grandfather was sick in the end of his life. I had the right to masturbate one time thinking of my father as I was bound as it is as father mostly as son, the father influences the son mostly but not all. Also I had the right to hit him massive hard on the head cause I had severe hell panic anxiety from 0-9.4 years old, and to attack him little without severe pain. I also threw his police jacket and had as well the right to do so cause the hell life I had as child was very very very very very very pain. Cret grandfather saying Krishna is an animal also Paal Gjerden Martin and the slaughter nurse of Asia. Giving me trilafon to purify what they made as pedophilia in Haagolia when it started and causes pain drowning last years.

Mother blasphemia against me, made me bride and I said I didnt want to she said I had to. Caused reaction of hore bullying, hitting her in the head, throwing glasses at her windows in her house. Appears as some form of sex trauma multiple personality disorder not knowing forfather control mostly causing a psychosis state in her making her attack the believed doer. Caused me as well to bully others. Also tghe churches claimed I was shame, fallen and hiddenly bullied this life.

Srila Prabhupada not knowing the children had rape plans as it was murder in Crete, diseases and didnt believe they had plans to rape me hiddenly under their desk by masturbation. Always telepathy of me as unclean and believed God was existent as a loving person though lie he made me speak to the toilet as if the toilet was God, cause of word symbol, then I slaughtered the toilet and in Saetregata I offered food, prasadam, and slaughtered it again and were when the anger problems begun. He always watered my head with fear of being bullied and I slept bad from 5 til 17 around. He had mania religious mania and psychosis believing that even when we suffer God loves and has control. Supporting blasphemea something of a crime.

The anger in Crete when I saw Christ was the beauty woman who stole my money and cheated and lied and I did same doing crime, stealing chocolate and all sorts of beer from stores in Norway. Without her Id not become angry and I never liked chocolates, soda pop yes, ice cream yes, gele yes. Materialist anger as without her I wouldnt have the anger within, materialist mania and looks like Mary in the icons were christianity said: "I was poor, I was hungry, I had no clothes.." No much money from 0 - 17 causing supressed feelings.

Image detach

Same scene as lying about stealing cigarillos saying my family would divorce and they released me, same similar scene as the beauty woman stealing money. But not sure.. Me having psychosis no self defence and the woman in Crete forgetting the problems that are and not detaching more.

Cat licked me and I reacted by sex reaction with more concrete, penis. Several times around with the cat in Flita and the cat in Haagolia and Glenna if I remember correct there. I saw once a cat in Crete and his penis was red looking at a mountain. Now yes if we need to disolve focus but I became afraid as the penis was all out and too sensitive in expression. Some form of mania from the cat instead of using the ancient ways of detaching the mountain instead and so the cats were diseased that time around and manic cause problems and I reacted to the cat. Appears as the cat had powers to intake me as I remember the typical scene when she he went to the house similar to what I did earlier when child. Some form of relax detach intake so it went bad.

Grandmother in Norway gave meat me having some form of intelligence eating her fish thinking fish is in hell me not choosing to eat and so did mother and the cat licked as they do and was some causes of me going to psychiatry. I could have eaten plastic if given I didnt know. Some form of psychosis of sense attached.

Brother in 2001 around was lawed by a bird who ate cannabis seed and shitted it in a field of my Crete grandfather and Crete grandmothers area in 1970 around and so shows before as it was long time ago that the weed came from the bird, so the bird entered my brother as forfathers law their outcomes more to do and be same, of to wake me up to give me weed to be confused in already confusion, as was given cause of the bird entering before Christ as this life is similar to the Christ time of cruicification, degrading me claiming I am a swine that likes shit based on blasphemea from mother dressing me as bride, were such is defined as degrading on net, as I searched, also father claiming me as evil, so became a reaction shame as I said shame when I was asked by Christ what to be were we shouldnt be, and I neither ment it, neither ment me to be shame but expressed the within root of help. Sex is devil and forfathers make others more as themselves and I was a child. She had some form of psychotic anger sex trauma state. I was detached in sleep as I know as I had severe hell pain all those years. He made "me" as mix sheep demon modern angel demon, to be focused in problems and causes severe focus awareness with knowledge risking hundred of thousand years in problems and hell. Made me a nr 2 mountain nr 2 snake butcher shouter as demon angel so I destroyed earlier enemies or future enemies similar to f trees in my garden. Made me a truth good seeker causing a non detached state so focus in problems and hell. Also brother didnt go against mother but chicken and made me angry within and made me to cut the chicken that was dead with metal that wasnt sharp. Apostel John wanting to send me to jail and be tormented forever him a hore angry person as he became too attached to me removing the fathers massive hell psych anxiety with my tomatoe throwing to a neighbour in Ierapetra were such led me to detached states in Norway. "The demons become too attached to the IR senses and make plans to destroy the world." Christ said also about picking the fallen but no good can come from such hell birth. Showed in darkness night were brother did the tomatoe throwing in day as this is maya world it shows in darkness as of weird. They picked with hate I was just bound in hell anxiety and didnt cause that much hate.

My father spoke relaxed about things but he had a bit at least mania psychosis a bit, I sensed a tense energy in his behind and he as I read in internet first times around that fathers make their children a bit themselves and I was in hell pain emotion from 0 - 9,5 years old and I would say the very very bad hit to his head when I was in his behind and the small attacks afterwards makes it a 1-1 result were I didnt even start it. As a police officer knowing the criminals and still making babies is not advanced. Some form of severe very very panic anxiety.

Singer in Ierapetra church knew problems but couldnt manage to detach and instead they had anxiety and stressed me within. Some form of mania.

Tore Borte made me go to jail as he said to steal the camera and might cause problems, were police in Porsgrunn came and saw us with plastic guns, still cant believe how I was bound as I was more detached but appears he lawed my thoughts.. Me in some form of grandmother in Norway influence with her shouting at products and christmas time when I was suffering with severe anxiety in Boe when child and some form of mania in Tore claiming he can easily remove memory of pain as though stealing products from others would appear as a good act as we dont really need products always, humans dont really solve it and to not know such within to detach causes more aware states.

Stian F. made me throw the teachers glasses under a bus. Though intelligence is problem well crime is crime..

Bullying online was as I realized hidden bullyings as they hated and claimed I was the fallen, the AI and their demons though me free clean and nothing and Christ should not ask me what I want to become but to not be, cause I was in emotion hell and sometimes one needs to know the severe problem and stop it once and for all. He was cruicified, I lived in our hell memory of severe hurt pain, there were diseases severe HIV cancer cataclysm and we have an asshole and so to become self honour is shame. He even in christian texts claimed the world to be the devil and of the difficult path and other statements. To be helped is to bully a person within and say he is a failure and so there is no love in it. He even said "One has to die to live." Some form of dementia mania he had when he telepathized in Crete Ierapetra at our first house in the bus station besides.

Similar to Active Member - Diamartiria Maybe it is the foreigner who is the guilty, lets hope the bad doesnt continue and that a ethical person rules the nation of Greece. I saw him 2 times, once in a cafeteria and he had great water relax and once a night close to a gyros shop in Crete. The song appears as if he saw me in Ierapetra with telepathy were there was a kiosk with Conan that my uncle Borgar had in his house, was close to the church and was towards me walking to the cafeteria, were Manos G. called me "Alodapo" and "Bastard" some form of foreigner meaning and impurity, were I was born in Norway so not "greek". He also has a song of "Blakas me ta xilia prosopa" were a neighbour telepathy sex did and I got the idea of face cause the pain was before hell and relaxed by such. But wasnt my choosing. Same pattern as he says he comes sometimes as warriror were I came with tomatoe to my friend Manos G to remove focus aware and he says sometimes comes as sick. Manos who said I was alodapos foreigner and B D Foxmoor. He also has songs with Premiera and prosfygas were prosfygas appears as to sing about me in Chandra Crete at my village of my family.

My Crete grandfather had come in Crete when I was a child and called me pedophilian when Srila P. made me do a yoga and ended up spitting on a butcher gyros shop. They threatened me of cutting my throat and then Crete grandfather telepathized and sdaid I was a pedophilian and I become made by such. I saw in Crete a neuro store were was besides the gyros shop and same time I had Paal Gjerden psychiatrist and was given peratzin trilafon. So same scene. Nothing is not bad, its detached, relax. I didnt choose much in Crete. Sex I learned from neighbour in Ierapetra first house and brother. I was then nothing but my family gave me massive stench so didnt show until I came to Norway in Boe 1993 December and saw a piece of little relaxed black heaven with white stars. Grandfather and Paal not knowing me as nothing claiming nothing is something. The white form of the child I was believed to have had sex with showed his white form not me as I wasnt social this life and so he expressed a white form and I reacted cause of him.

I had written on my brother made philosophy site that one can get healed by LSD. A lie. But I was manic that time and my mother came and offered me a healing somewhere in Costa Rica and I went but when I saw the healing methods I didnt like it as it spoke of hallucnigenics and they hided the drug in the tea and I didnt know I took it but became tense and filled with massive headache and when I came back I reacted back by giivng some poison from the toilet not the worst but a poison in the milk. I heard her cough and I went up and removed the milk. At least I said LSD, when I talked to her I couldnt remember if she said hallucnigen narcotic. But I dont even take weed. Some form of mania thinking it is easy to heal and me in some form of mind confusion bound by the dove weed seed shitting making weed plant, as forfather, as outcomes mostly but not total, if forfather as grandfather receives weed he gives it to his outcomes, the dove had entered my brothers and gave me weed being mix sheep dove form the dove became.

In the slaughter apartment and rape in Boe towards Seljord I though trying to be no longer mix sheep needed time to detach and continued some sites and such and was as by the dove coming inside my brother making me butcher shouter by the weed awakening me from the massive hell. Butcher and shouter, b and s as ass snake form me nr 2.

The cats licking me and using their claws I reacted by throwing a knife at a cat and when one cat did suicide cause of the licking reaction, later I sensed much poison pain and once in Haagolia I gave poison to the milk given to the cat there.

Mother denied el wire so I couldnt listen to Active Member with his detached heaven song, "Nai" ("Yes I look up to the heaven") I reacted and destroyed el wires.

Neighbour Telegata 25 coming in hard knocks and is defined as trouble, she could easy phoned and asked me to wash the apartment and is her stairs anyway, I reacted with killing threats.

The bike man in Porsgrunn might been a reaction from a norwegian soccer player when we were young who kneed my knee. I wasnt in pain but I got realized in how problems there are and reacted. Or a reaction from harhs Wu Tang intro song from a chinese man who says: May you rotten in hell.."

In Notodden last years I have had contact with a person in Athens who hates me cause of me bulluying him online much, 3 times but last time very much and this is the church people bullying me as far as I remember I read about Legion and they said he was a demon cause of being non personal, were we need to die and there is no worthy form to have ass and honour, and as I remember I reacted back and bullied him massive and he wanted to slaughter me and more and I cutted my hand and then I reacted to cut a plant outside last months and some metal outdoors.

Of parapsychological news Id say the dove shitting the weed seed were instead the dove should not be, know problems, detach and if it cant eat black earth, to detach, my brother had the dove in him were the dove made the problem, as I didnt choose weed, the Boe police came to Notodden once and their plan was to rape me claiming I am the doves weed giving to my brother, the dove a weed cannibal hore unity pain and with law of magnets and different energies to law me to say "I am a hore rape me" similar I cursed... The sickness of police is there were as when I was a young boy a police officer said I was Kristian Hoybo, and not that I was me, Andreas Harkiolakis. She believed I was another person and he lived in Haagolia in Boe were I moved there too and acted by my the doves entering my brother giving me weed. If the dove didnt shit that weed our family wouldnt have weed in our family most likely.

I stole as the beauty woman did and I before stealing a 20 pack of smoke in Notodden last year, one bottle of spiritus and 6 beers around and cutted with knife a metal outdoor. Outside of the apartment there was a store similar to the kiosk scene.

I was nothing from 0 - 9,4 years old. My family though were diseased so they suffered much. My Crete grandfather didnt know words and so influenced me to not know things in personality id. I though before not knowing the words cause of him understood I was nothing something relaxed and good and if not allowed by the powers of death that I was and are little clean little free and those who claim total simple great state arent smart. Last 4 months I am better in szir0 state meditation of nothingness but takes time and my plan is to never be no more.

Neighbour didnt know rules and knocked hard on my door and it was she who had to clean the stairs still she said I had to. Srila P. lawed the scene so I couldnt know to wash the hall since I moved out. And some other damage. Last time was recently.


Father mother, hell impure, very much stench. In christianity it says "A good person has peace in him." Jesus. Father said I was evil as if I didnt feel the pain and Srila P said demons dont know they suffer. I knew. The 1983 - 1992 age of cancer hiv and cataclysm that the massive hell suffering was so much that the hatred became massive and the demons make plans to curse with shit food rape cut the guilty of being impure that time. That was the first judgement.

Beauty woman, stealing money knowing tricking in speech making it so that he entered within and stole from Norway supermarkets. Crime to steal and though good to not have products we humans dont really solve things. The within anger of what I assume was her cause of telepathy and me doing nothing and showed crime as she spoke in trick and lies similar to what I did later that the 3 judgement was anger within.

Tore Borte, thief coming in me and stealing a camera making it so that he threw the camera out the train. We were around 14 years old. Appears police never knew how to deal with the pain my father had with his hurted feelings and though he entered me with massive tears almost drowning me Tore managed to send a law through such and entered me to steal the camera, were stealing is ok if lucky correct done right, but we humans mostly fail in acts. So the 5th or 6th judgement was a lie of that sadness was good and that the problem was neurons increasing by the law of tore, so judged as evil in head by police hiddenly in jail.

Dove, shitting in coincidence a weed seed making a plant weed in Chandra and so the weed came to out family and the dove was psychotic and demonized as modern happy great life belief. Made me manic consumer violent in behaviour as weed changes brain and with alcohol such unity became very bad. They judge the beer as negative but it was the weed, I had severe anxiety and meditated on love issues making me good bad meditation. The church lies of that God loves, and so the peace dove was not peacefull as they said. Many jails came in lands of Turkey and Iraq areas from 2000 when the dove had shitted the weed seed and made aplant and made us smoke weed in family though grandfather i dont know if smoked, and that judgement was problems of the world and anxiety in self. The 6th judgement was that, the dovesheep weed shitting weed maker smoker in Chandra.

Cats stealing my relax state and so lawed themselves to enter me and intake sexual relations and one knife throw though missed. Same scene ith black cat first time with cat, church, field of shit and gyros on left. An image in Crete shows cats dressed as hores, we have it in our house. That was either the 5 or 6th judgement. Cats tend to lick and I remember veeery little of it but still it licked me and so shows how the cat(s) intake humans, they lick and intake them and the cats start the licking.

Grandfather judging me as pedo though me had no sex energy and was only 8. That was the 4rd judgement. Difficult to win.

Father hell emotion 9.4 years as I read as father as son and spasm behind coming in me and making me hit him hard on head. So he got reaction. That was the 8th judgement.

Mother bullying hiddenly dressing me as bride as crime act of blapshemea and she coming in me and bullying others on net. That was the 2 judgement.

Apostel John, not knowing they above did crimes first and reaction defence and attack is allowed sometimes and judges me instead. Within some trick thoughts months now for me to be sent to jail, apostel John telepathizes and says me to go to jail and is similar to before me going to psychiatry. That was the 7th judgement.

Appears the ones causing these problems gave small starting problems, whilest me believed to be the doer of much more evil but without them I wouldnt do it, so they came in me and did it and telepathy is like antennas in TV, I saw Active Member, a white man, another white man, father saying I was motherfucker, I saw a shadow of a person saying: "No they bully me" in irony as if my intelligence was wrong, the children in hell crete would express some of their bone within of pain and bully more, him again as moon laughing with hard matress pain giving to me, a nurse saying I was dumb as a pig, brother with jesus and me as ghost stuff. I wasnt social and they took contact with me as I wasnt a pig I was in hell pain, no happy.

They claim me of as demon and it says duration of life is short for demons. Judged by father priest and apostel John as the satan and wild beast. It happend last days from yesterday and before with cut in body, birdhseep cutting grandfather rand others reacting, months now. Something tricks the mind and curse me to jail and apostel John says I will go to jail. Shows jail scene in church Misjonskirke besides it it is jail similar bars.. Father today said "ey you dont go to hell".. Either saying of it or hating me.

One beauty woman cutted head off and same with birdhsheep, father sweet face worker, grandfather with paal peratzin medicators, mothers many out there, father came even here, saw 2 cats one coming from the hospital once close here outdoors, seen many doves lately didnt notice them before as I remember, maybe Tore outdoors months ago not sure. ApostelJohn stealing money coming as junkie out of apartment I told him he could drink with me he didnt came and either him or neighbour earlier stole 100kr. A priest similar person with antichrist judging cross similar in his clothing was there...Me before going to Notodden, driving from psychiatry in Seljord to Notodden.

Also Olav enemy, Vassvik, the strong man who said if I knock harder I will be punched.

I have the right to defend and attack back from criminals even though small but to do the same act would be best, not as what happend with excessive reactions. Law of karma is: "Hi Peter" then the other says in more lies: "Hi Peter" so reaction from sins are not always same. Though if one steals one gets sometimes phine one can be arrested, and if one rapes one doesnt get normally raped by police. They made me impure anxiety, they made me become criminal by their acts, they made me evil and I gave hell and made others suffer and now they will rape me, cut me in pain, eat me rape me and shit me in the toilet and before heat me in kitchen in pain and then hell jail in hell pain for me or hell scene with the three 3 family cat rapers gun shooters trashcan throwing chocks of pain death.

The shouter was an energy close to the kiosk whom actually attacked a beauty woman of manic stealing condition stealing 5000 drachmes, 5K and was very angry anxiety desired consumer. Her anger caused the Turkey war and it is still on going. The myth age were Athen people became cannibals were when Greece suffered from stealing reaction and I had nothing money from 0 - 9.4 around and mith is like in shcool learning of rabbit tale, sun myth and such, were such were maybe when we were angels, flying to the sun for example, but was defined as myth. During the First Mithridatic War (89–85 BCE), Roman general Sulla laid siege to Athens, which was loyal to Mithridates VI of Pontus at the time. Threatened by starvation, Athenians resorted to cannibalism. So school tought of myths and cannibals were there and I entered alone the gyros shop and so they had as Crete was problem life, they had plans to cut and eat me and they came in me and made me cut trees and such. A round headed man was what I remember. I detached but the within goes contra sometimes and so within they did cut and I reacted sadly much. Mother with her blasphemea crime the black specie being great as vegetarian and detach state but in speech not smart as if you know problems you detach, if you become happy saying children dont bully then you become attached in pain and manos geniatakis hitted me on head, though manos doing it outwards and it hurted my head and I hitted my family in the head as father and woman have one body according to christianity. Sadly I did this more times than once. I shouted cutted bullied hitted many times. The bullying was my mother. The dove shows how it shitted on me from up more coincidence and shows the shame anxiety anger it had within and how it was angry in meditation.


They gave evil, I became reactionist and I risk wars.

In Norway USA Greece if a crime is done to you it is not always criminal to react but depends on the scene. If they had not been there I would not have done this. So they did it. Those below were lawed....

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Images of detached nothing scenes

Some images you can download for free about detached nothing states and scenes with some text on them about what was going on in such scenes, from all around the world and all different themes..

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Since 2018 December. Detached state & good things happening.

Remembered coming to Notodden with my detaching yoga and sensed happiness walking in the main street towards Saetregata for first time. Also remember some happy sun energies..

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My childhood and my conquers.

The impurity was my mother and father from 0 - 9,4 years. I was a demigod of weather, relaxing anxiety and I had luck with knowing problems by the black shadow man and father so I escaped..

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