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My childhood this life and my conquers.

The impurity was my mother and father from 0 - 9,4 years. I was Szie0 but was given aware filth by family and a shadow man from 0 - 16 years. From 16 years around I became a being who was a dovesheep and entered me with mania. In 2018 I took control and removed the dovesheep in me, slowly and still work with it.

I was a demigod of weather, relaxing anxiety and I had luck with knowing problems by the black shadow man and father so I detached from this evil world of problems. I was a non grammatical knowing word expresing joker who never socialized as humans dont want to much contact and did it to remove the massive anxiety.

I never ate food by my own only given. Meat was given by grandmothers, mother. Incest telepathy caused masturbation and was my neighbour in Crete, not me. The soccer games, when I shot soft and didnt score but shot towards goalkeeper was when I was unexistent as I had to not be to trick the player behind me to not see me so I could go through him and score but takes time to change. The soft shot was similar to Rekdals and that was the anxiety of the house after Sisjordvegen as it had severe anxiety and so lawed me in the scene when he scored against Mexico as I saq the game in that house. The breathing problems of tobacco was my mother as a fysiologist. Manos Geniatakis said I was complex, bound so when I shot I didnt do it stretched forward and shows here he has gravity powers. I did pass I was a passer and a shooter but I never thought of others so I wasnt a friendly try passer so not so bad, it was all selfish to gain increase of points. Being a pass giver is ok if you manage the art of nothing, the detached state and if one manages this well one can pass nothing to others to make them detached.

I was brave as Crete that time was problem anger age and went to school though the suffering given by mother and the shadow man was big, but I always considered leaving and going for an adventure without my family.

The stench was Srila P. and he has caused a mind in me to want to be impure.

I was beautiful as child from 4 - 12.

The cat zoophilia was the cats who intaked me took my relaxed energy by telepathy and power and so they raped and were violent to themselves. Same scene as when I was dark and similar image in Crete of cats dressed as prostitutes, I assume it shows they intake somehow others and enter them.

The bullying was my mother and the dove and neighbour with his sex face id, who entered me from around 1999 - 2024.

I am olanzapin and Drachmes as D in form of I as knowing problems, detaching and a bit fat as ).

My intelligence was:

It is anxiety. Life is hard.

It is hate. People eat others.

Greek language is strange.

After that the bird dove became attached to senses and got into problems and lately they are prosecuting doves as stated of that those who are attached to demons, modern life great state, are cursed to demons of evil.

A neighbour having sex in telepathy caused the scene of him liking beauty face and so it caused changing faces in me more as I was detached confused.

My Crete grandfather didnt know words and so as forfathers make others mostly themselves I didnt know the word personal and the meaning of it, I realized though that I was personal, I was detached, little clean and little free and claiming total perfection is not smart.

I tried to remove the dove in me from 2018 and I became a karma demigod and finally attained a more relaxed state a year ago.

The stealer stealing beers candy and such was the beauty woman in Ierapetra.

The evil was the weedsheepdove who entered me appearing though as I was the evil and the envious manic consumers was the FINBB demons.

Cause of mother brother shitted on him in school and he told this when we were off and I respected him so much that I laughed in happiness as if he shitted then it would be ok for me to shit too.


They gave evil, I became reactionist and I risk wars.

In Norway USA Greece if a crime is done to you it is not always criminal to react but depends on the scene. If they had not been there I would not have done this. So they did it. Those below were lawed....

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Images of detached nothing scenes

Some images you can download for free about detached nothing states and scenes with some text on them about what was going on in such scenes, from all around the world and all different themes..

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Since 2018 December. Detached state & good things happening.

Remembered coming to Notodden with my detaching yoga and sensed happiness walking in the main street towards Saetregata for first time. Also remember some happy sun energies..

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My childhood and my conquers.

The impurity was my mother and father from 0 - 9,4 years. I was a demigod of weather, relaxing anxiety and I had luck with knowing problems by the black shadow man and father so I escaped...

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