Hi.. I want to add about holkapolka.com and philosophyma.com that were my domains before, add even though the website was trying to be great and live it was rooted in previous hell anxiety and I couldnt take it and had to be detached happy and read some books making me manic were I never chose to smoke weed, were the cannabis weed was given by my brother lawed by a dove shitting it out to our family garden from many years ago and caused severe anger modern sheep condition. In christianity who claims God loves as psychotic liers they are they claimed the dove to be peacefull, meaning it wasnt. Also some psychiatrists believe in parapsychology and the WTC fall and it shows an aeroplane similar to a doves form there crashing it. Also the anger it caused in meditation showed in Denmark as one of them shitted from the sky on my head during me always meditating and caused anger. Doves as I read on net are today very prosecuted so others are after them. "Those who get attached to demoniac views are cursed to demons.." Gita. Similar to the modern great appearing life. Such path is horror as it contains long duration of life were some is great but then duality mostly comes and one suffers in hell. The modern problem life of wrong birth resembles the high ancient pure life we had but isnt.

What our history is is that first there was dark matter, a nothing energy, then dark nothing divine energy of such matter made us as death angels as from goodess goodness comes, we became angels and lived great with products and all sorts hundreds of thousands of years, until we died.. After that we have suffered and there is no more need to live. When the focused pain poison killed us, it started owing us life again and this is shown last years as according to the Vaishnava community Kali Yoga the age of problems has come, this around 5000 years ago. Intelligence is great today but will harm us in the future by the law of this natures duality. Nothing good can come from ancient killing and guilty owing and neither from anxietified toxic energy, no angel can be born by such. Problem of meditation was when I tried to be great instead of being content with detached state. I realized things that were hidden instead of seeng things in simple views. My father and I am a bit like him as is the father son stuff. I suffered judged after hitting him on the head anxiety judged for years. But he got what he deserved as I suffered in hell this birth 9.4 years. Id like to add that it was just lies (as whatever comes from bone forms is lies and not important) and non importance and that though some of the site focuses at least I cause of it know one shouldnt be, as we died were we before were pure in senses without bones and such and are poison and though attaining years of great state and life in this form of bones, it mostly dualifies and can cause a severe hell condition not worthy it. "In the end of the world there will be many problems.." Christ. Srila Prabhupada said Kali Yoga has come and it came around 5000 years ago, the evil age of the end of the world. To not be a part of such path, most countries dont allow suicide so it shows that we have turned us into the aware age.

I have drunk 60.000 0.5 beers since 2001 and costed me over 100.000 $ and as alcohol makes you do crazy things it is not so bad as it looks. We have a little freedom and it can work to suicide forever, though takes time and the within is tricky.

Dignitas is a company in Switzerland that assists with suicide. You need to pay a membership fee each year around 80$. Then you, if you choose to end your life, need papers on your diseases or reasons for why you are wanting to do so and they will accept or reject the papers. If you have a mental disorder it is more difficult to get a paper on this as it is very detailed and confusing to know the severity of the disorder. If you have physical illness like cancer it is easier to be accepted. It costs around 10.000 $ for the suicide assist but if you are poor you can apply for free and they evaluate your case. The suicide is done by injecting a liquid in your body or if you choose to to take a pill and it is all over within 15min.

My Crete grandfather didnt know words and that is good, but influenced me so I didnt know in words that I was nothing, little clean little free but that was who I was and am. Those who claim a simple 100% great form are not so clever as things are difficult. The church believed (s) that I am the a fallen like a degraded person. "The fallen will be picked up by the angels from all corners of the world and be lifted to the heavens.." Christianity. Before going to Norway to the "heavens" I was in church and had similar scene with me going above and I saw Christ above me in hallucination towards the heavens. "The evil lowest and consumers I curse to demons of life (whom stress the soul and bodily organs from within).." Gita, Krishnas words. "Beware of him who can curse your body and soul to hell.." - Christianity. Srila Prabhupada claimed all religions were same though each of them coming in different ages for different people. All this life I have been suffering from this curse, it is as if they say: "Degraded man, go to hell!" and manage to do it. Cause of this, the severe anxiety I had 9,4 years in the start of my life with a though still psychotic fear of becoming bullied til the age of 17, the drugs increasing such problems and an incident when me as a child been bound by blasphemea from 5 years old I had relation fears making me unable of social empathy. .

How difficult those religious made it to understand that one is not mostly the doer of ones actions, as spoken of in the Gita. I knew I was in severe emotional pain my first 9,4 years so I wasnt the happy pig as I saw a video in church me looking very red. I wasnt the dressed "hore" as that was my mothers act. I was not as well the "evil" as if a snake bites you and you get anxiety it doesnt mean you are evil and neither did I by my own do bad acts and the weird things I have done from 14 years old around is cause of me been offered beer and alcohol making me crazy, I am not the offered beer making me do stupid things as that was my past friend giving it to me.

I am neither the cannabis given to me by another, turning me into a cannibal vampyre within. The stench last years as I drunk from a water area of stench was Krishna who told of me smiliar alcohol with nature. My father said that "If you change Andreas all will change" in some form of planet belief of that I rule the world in his lies. He also said once that I could burn my house cause Im crazy and after that I almost did so. So I needed more consume than others as by different elements of the planet I lived in I needed more things. I had the memory of when we were in hell and cried and suffered much. I thought I was alone in it but I had telepathy truth with others so we all suffered in this before. I was in similar Fargo movie were there was anxiety, rapers and false judgers who could judge you even in sleep so I detached. I though being more prosecuted by apostle Johns prophecy of hell jail it can hit anyone. Also, I have had bad thoughts all this life and sometimes the within comes true.. When I typed about black heaven that is same as dark matter I had visits from .edu sites and I had sent emails to NASA about the source of this planets creation and around months same time they changed from Big Bang to dark matter as source energy. I wrote of the black heaven having gravity becoming compact and then turning as a mountain crashing down, making a big bang explosion of energies we see around us. Andreas Harkiolakis Zir0 (Pronounced "Zero")

During making the site I managed 15 years without eating meat and fish. I have started making websites since 2019 for the purpose of the user to detach, to bring the users to the nothing divine energy, to know the problems of what is and detach, by such the user becomes less angry as is not so focused in his/hers negative human condition. I learned sex from others influence and when young I wasnt well function in sex relations so sex wasnt from me. A neighbour in Crete. My father judged himself saying I like food and sleep and my Crete grandfather might have been gambling addict as I saw a knife there in Chandra were I when lost a bet cutted almost my hand off. He used to play cards. Those I speak of in this site struggled in their lifes and difficulty within to control their self powers and acts as we all had and have. It is much whatever states. Mother had sex trauma post traumatic stress.. Grandfather in Crete had mania meaning aware sickness of massive sense fake happy great state being a gambling money addict. Father had a little at least mania of food and dreaming during sleep.. A beauty woman had mania of consume and the bird with the bad luck shitting out a seed causing weeddovesheep was severe manic of sickness of fake great state and consume in psychotic lies. A neighbour in Crete had manic sex desires, he was great relaxing so good but cause of mania didnt speak so much of problems to detach instead became more focused. Prophecy of apostel John of jail of hell. "Satan, the Antichrist and the wild beast will go to jail for 1000 years and be tormented forever.." Apostel John. Typical ironical christianity, apostel John used to eat grasshoppers for the fun of it, as if it had value, though him seeng helicopters as birds in the prophecy sky he doesnt go against the doves in the same family as grasshoppers but against me defined as the wild beast. I became "the beast" by becoming awakened in before sleep and was confused and said "OK to smoke weed" so to judge this is kind of excessive. "Those who do sin against the holy air (translated in norwegian as aand) spirit, will never be forgiven. "Brother will send brother to death.." The weed given was from my brother. Christianity. Then they speak of the fallen Lucifer with their anger as if someone managed to destroy perfection and unify it with death and evil. If all is shown, why is it when 0:00:01 shown darkness and not life for then a mix with such and darkness? Though sometimes stars, they are "X" and in mathematics it is defined as mystic, as darkness, not life.

When I finally detached I was in anxiety as it took time to remove meditation of happy great state, I moved to Notodden in Norway and there I had 5 persons in me who had anxiety. One other managed to destroy the apartment and an earlier and so I left from the place and then I was told that if I didnt turn out as a sheep as before I would be butchered and in my confusion I followed such sometime but then dropped it. I then moved to Notodden again but the slaughter house man came hated a neighbour saying through me negative things as he didnt want me to clean the apartment. I then left to another apartment and there there was this spider and I gave food and medicine to it and it was anxiety and my father didnt know it came from the spider and I tried to calm down the senses of a manic consumer a store below and was told I was degraded in such act and I moved to another apartment that was great but sadly Itried to make a pillow detach and I offered it images of detached states but went too far with it. I was then moved above apartment and the slaughter man came again. Schibsted media went down meaning it was less problems and less media value, as media is news problems, from when I moved to Notodden as I lost my intelligence, I tried to not meditate as before but was too focused on it instead of doing it better but last apartments has been better. Some problems with my brother who is not so advanced in smoking causing anxiety and my father who thought I was the spider and now I will leave Norway and go out to the world with the mission of to never be. I risk as me defined as the wild beast, I risk going to hell jail and be tormented meaning afraid and traumatized by it forever.

I now gamble in some form of work and work for sites for the detached reason and it might take sometime. The yoga I do is "To not be" if not analyze why not by the non personal and do what I want to. Also to observe what is out in simplicity and not try to attain a great state but rather detach as goal. I wasnt that smart, and a certain person made me bully, as I had anxiety much in this life, but I wrote "hello" and I didnt take contact with others, I am 40 years old and 4 times I have contacted others. I said "Lawed people" but we are not always lawed. I lately believed the toilet was impure and not me. I used to type edit remove add and such. Even though I got top grades in school in Greece when child I never studied and only studied few times and blocked the whole school time from 5 to 17 around as I was sick so I was just detaching from it all and so just had luck with grades.

They gave evil, I became reactionist and I risk wars.

In Norway USA Greece if a crime is done to you it is not always criminal to react but depends on the scene. If they had not been there I would not have done this. So they did it. Those below were lawed....

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Images of detached nothing scenes

Some images you can download for free about detached nothing states and scenes with some text on them about what was going on in such scenes, from all around the world and all different themes..

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Since 2018 December. Detached state & good things happening.

Remembered coming to Notodden with my detaching yoga and sensed happiness walking in the main street towards Saetregata for first time. Also remember some happy sun energies..

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My childhood and my conquers.

The impurity was my mother and father from 0 - 9,4 years. I was a demigod of weather, relaxing anxiety and I had luck with knowing problems by the black shadow man and father so I escaped..

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